Compra consists of two divisions: a Food Service – and a Retail Division, each one with their own building and warehousing. The Food Service building consists of a dry, chilled warehouse and freezer, with their corresponding offices to supply the hotels and restaurants. The Retail division consists of a larger dry warehouse and a larger chilled warehouse and offices to supply the supermarkets, minimarkets and any other company in need of our products.

Food Service Building (Compra I)

  • 298 m2 Office Building First Floor

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  • 1110 m2 Warehouse

  • 400 m2 Cooler

  • 825 m2 Freezer

Retail Building (Compra II)

  • 171 m2 Office Building First Floor

  • 160 m2 Office Building Second Floor

  • 6850 m2 Warehouse

  • 533 m2 Cooler

More than 1,000 containers arrive each year from the United States and Canada, Central and South America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand for Compra Ltd. The latest food handling technologies are in place to assure proper storage and the highest health standards.